Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: Why PUMA terminate contract wit Nigeria


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Nigeria poor outing for di Tokyo 2020 Olympics games don continue wit sporting brand PUMA ending dia contract wit Nigeria.

International fashion and sportswear brand, PUMA announce di termination of dia agreement wit Nigeria sake of di disorganisation of di kontri for di games wey dey happen for Japan.

First na di disqualification of ten Nigerian athletes by di Athletics Integrity Unit from di games because dem no show up for routine testing.

Di athletes protest for Olympics village wia dem carry placards dey blame di Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN).

“All we wanted to do na to compete”, “Dreams shattered,” na some of di write ups for di cardboard.

Di oda incident na di video of Chukwuebuka Enekwechi, anoda athlete wey dey represent Nigeria for Shot Put wia im dey wash im competition jersey sake of say na one jersey im get.

Di video of Enekwechi still dey trend for social media.

Di latest now na PUMA termination of dia contract with Nigeria.

Why PUMA terminate contract wit Nigeria

In July 2019 di Athletic Federation of Nigeria (AFN) sign a $2.7m deal wit Puma for Qatar.

Di 3 year deal wey suppose end by 2022 cause serious kasala for AFN as di federation even break into two.

Di deal of di contract no clear but di major agreement for di sporting brand to supply kits for Nigeria athletes.

“As a direct consequence of the recent developments, particularly at the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 and pursuant to clauses 9.2 and 7.3 of the Agreement, we hereby terminate di Agreement with immediate effect,” Edlheimb Manuel, di brand Director write for di letter to AFN.

Di letter add say ”PUMA especially declares to be discharged from any or all obligations towards all stakeholders involved and reserves all rights against these entities and individuals.”

Di Athletics Federation of Nigeria and di Ministry of Sports never react to dis development.