Sunday Igboho: Court grant bail to Yoruba nation activist, Sunday Adeyemo 12 aides

12 Igboho friends in court


Justice Obiora Egwuatu of Federal High Court for Abuja don rule say make DSS grant bail to all 12 aides of Yoruba-Nation activist, Sunday Igboho wit different conditions.

Im grant di first 8 bail wit di sum of 5 million naira each, while di 4 wit criminal allegations for dia head dey granted bail of 10 million naira each and other requirements.

DSS arrest di aides on July 1 during dia of Igboho house for Ibadan, di Oyo state capital – dem also kill two pipo for di raid.

Justice Egwuatu rule say dia detention by DSS without charging dem go against provisions of di Administration of Criminal Justice Act and dia fundamental rights.

Rememba say Justice Obiora Egwuatu bin order di DSS to produce di aides in court so im fit begin di hearing.

During di hearing today, DSS gree to release eight out of di 12 aides and pray di court to allow dem keep di remaining four for dia custody sake of serious investigation wey dem dey do.

But di judge rule say di 12 applicants go remain for di custody of di DSS until dem dey able to perfect all conditions for their bail.

Court order DSS to stop arrest of Igboho

Sunday Igboho


Meanwhile, earlier in di day one Oyo state high Court for Ibadan order make DSS and di attorney General of di Federation no arrest Yoruba nation activist Sunday Igboho.

Di court also order make DSS and di AGF no intimidate, harass and no block any of Igboho bank accounts.

Na Justice Ladi Akintola grant di motion wen di court seat on Wednesday for Ibadan.

Dis order na follow up to di case wey Igboho lawyer Mr Yomi Aliu file dey demand DSS to pay di activist damages wey reach 5billion Naira sake of how dem use force enta im house and destroy plenti of im property including im cars for July 1, 2021

Di lawyer Yomi Aliu say im get confidence say Nigeria Attorney general go obey di court order as di order na directly against im office.

After di court session Oga Aliu tell tori pipo say “court don prove say na defender of di masses, say di activist can now waka round like evri oda Nigerian without fear. Di court don grant permission to exercise im fundamental human right and dem no fit attack am or im cars again”.

After di motion for court on Wednesday, di judge adjourn di case till August 18, 2021.