Nigerian police Abba Kyari: Wetin go happun next to Nigerian ‘super cop’ wey dey under investigation over im link wit Hushpuppi?

Nigeria Police dey continue dia investigations regarding suspended deputy commissioner Abba Kyari wey some dey call ‘super cop’ over im links with Ramon Abbas alias Hushpuppi.

Many dey ask what next after di investigations if dem find am guilty or not dis na why BBC contact retired police commissioner Muhammad Wakil to tok wetin go happun next as far as police service rules dey concern.

Wakil wey retire last year after e serve as commissioner of police for Kano state say na wetin investigation conclude go determine wey go happun to Abba Kyari.

“If investigation no find am wanting e go just continue im job but if dem find am guilty punishment go also depend on di scale.”

“For example e get offences wey na outright sack, some na forced retirement odas na demotion e also get some wey u no go get promotion as at when due as punishment. So all of di above na possibility.”

Professor Usman Zannuraini na professor of law for Bayero University and e tell BBC say even if extradition treaty exist between Nigeria and United States of America, di process before FBI fit get Abba Kyari to follow dem go US na long one.

“To get extradition no be easy something because courts dey involved and na dem go finally determine if e go happun or not based on wetin happun.”

How di mata take start

Nigeria Instagram celebrity Ramon Abass aka ‘Hushpuppi’ plead guilty to Count Two of di charges against am for US court, wey be Conspiracy to Engage in Money Laundering.

Di case wey be United States v. Ramon Olorunwa Abbas, Case No. 2:20-CR-00322-ODW, charge di Abbas wit Conspiracy to Engage in Money Laundering, in violation of 18 U.S.C. ยง 1956(h). Part of wetin dey di court document be also say Abbas bin give one Nigeria police officer bribe.

Na dis part wia alleged officer come be DSP Abba Kyari.

As e be so, Hushpuppi fit face up to 20 years for prison during sentencing according to di informate wey dey court document.

Abba Kyari Biograpghy

DCP Abba Kyari , 46-year-old hail from Borno state for northeast Nigeria.

Im be graduate of Geography wen e join di Nigeria Police Force as cadet Assistant Superintendent of Police for 2000 afta e complete im training for Police Academy, Wudil, Kano state.

One of di operations wey make Kyari blow, na wen im lead di arrest of one notorious armed robber wey dem dey call ‘Ndagi’ a.k.a Spirit.

Spirit bin colobi Numan, di number three biggest town for Adamawa state northeast Nigeria.

For 2005, im join di Mobile Police Force and for 2010 dem post am go Lagos Command.

Kyari become di number two man and officer-in-charge for di Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) – di squad wey dey fight violent crimes from armed robbery, car theft, kidnapping, gang clashes, sea piracy and terrorism but wey later become notorious for im brutality wey lead to di October 2020 ENDSARS protest.

Im serve SARS for five years.