Why Governor Babagana Zulum dey send 1,000 hunters to protect farmers

Borno state goment inaugurate 1,000 hunters to join agro-rangers and oda security forces to protect farmers for di Boko Haram insurgent state for north-east Nigeria.

Although the use of hunters to compliment oda security agencies for di state don dey ground since Govnor Babagana Zulum enta office for 2019, di difference dis time be say dis group of hunters go specifically help agro-rangers to protect farmers wen dem dey farm.

Tok-tok pesin to govnor Zulum, Isa Gusau, say: “Dis hunters go compliment by joining agro-rangers to protect farmers inside about four local goment areas.” Im add say, “Di sense of picking dem be say many of dem understand di terrain and dem go send di hunters go wia dem from come”.

Di arrangement na joint task force arrangement wey also involve di military and na part of di state goment effort to become independent.

“You no go fit continue to rely on donor support, donor funding, nobody fit sustain am ova time becos oda parts of di world get crises and most of dis donors don dey shift dia focus, and of course wit dis Covid tin everybody dey focus on dia own problems.

“So even as we expect support from a lot of dis kontri, but we know say dis covid crises hit harder for most of di developed kontri dat na why di govnor dey worry say we fit get donor fatigue, wey don already dey happun, and most of all nobody fit solve your problem pass you.”

Wetin be agro-ranger?

Agro-ranger policy na national policy of di Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corp (NSCDC).

Di NSCDC specially train some of dia staff to specially protect farm lands and dem dey “armed and equipped.”

Any state goment wey dey interest to participate for di policy go provide motor for di agro-rangers and goment go provide vigilantes wey di civil defence go also train to work wit dem.

Borno state na one of di first states to partner wit di Civil Defence Corp for di agro-rangers policy.