Ebeano supermarket Abuja Fire: What we know about di incident and why pipo dey tok about am

Viral video of how fire wey burn down Ebeano supermarket for Abuja on di 17th of July, 2021 start don dey spread everywhere for social media, one week afta di incident happun.

Di viral video na from di close-circuit television (CCTV) wey owners of di supermarket install and e show wen one small girl waka go di area wia gas cylinders dey for di supermarket, stay dia small and waka comot dia before di fire start.

Local media report say police don arrest di small girl wey dem suspect say dey di CCTV video.

But BBC Pidgin tori pesin try reach out di police tok-tok pesin for Abuja concerning di arrest and e promise to get back to us.

Also, Ebeano Supermarket neva issue any statement concerning dis incident.

Meanwhile, dis CCTV video dey come out afta di fire incident wey happun for Prince Ebeano supermarket wey dey Lokogoma district for Abuja .

Reports from local media say di fire, wey start dat Saturday night continue to burn till on Sunday morning.

Fire fighters rush go di scene to try battle to quench di fire and no report of any death but di fire destroy properties wey reach millions of naira.

Dis no be di first time wey Ebeano supermarket don experience fire incident, Five years ago, fire bin burn one of dia supermarket outlet for Lekki phase 1 and dem no know di cause of dat fire.

Prince Ebeano Supermarket na one of di biggest for Nigeria with five outlets for Lagos and Abuja. Dem be one of di foremost indigenous supermarket for di kontri.

According to dia website, Prince Ebeano Supermarket na partnership between two brothers and di partnership dey based on 50-50 agreement.

Dem bin open di Abuja outlet on December 14, 2017 before dis fire wey happun recently.