Big Brother Naija Head of House Peace pick Yousef as deputy for di ‘shine ya eye’ edition

Peace don become di first Head of House for di ongoing 2021 Big Brother Naija reality TV show, wey dem tag ‘Shine Ya Eye’.

She pick Yousef her fellow housemate as her deputy.

She win di special position afta defeating oda contestants wey bin also do di challenge.

She come pick , Yousef her fellow housemate, as deputy.

Di game to determine dis week Head of House bin involve a game of dice wey di higher di number wey di housemate get for dia dice roll determine how far di housemate go-go get to HoH status.

Peace get di highest with 16 points while Maria follow am for back with fifteen points.

Note say di Fist HoH for di last season of BBNaija go on to enta di top five of di competition.

E god ey interesting to see how dis season on go play out.

HoH Benefits

Big Brother neva announce nomination for elimination dis week so di probability say dis week HoH go immunity still never clear.

However, di Head of House and Deputy, Peace and Yousef go enjoy di specially prepared Head of House room.

Howeva, Big Brother to welcome di houisemates to di house don give all of dem visitation rights to di room for di next two days.

Peace, Head of House

She be 26 year old from Rivers state. Her hobby na to relax.

She say she be nice pesin wey also claim say she go keep am real for di house all through the competition.

Yousef, Deputy Head of House

Yousef bi-racial Nigerian, teacher wey come from Jos, Plateau State and e plan to bring lots of entertainment for di show.

Im sey e go like make pipo dey call am Yousef.

Pipo for social media don dey yab am on top how e say im students dem dey crush on am.