DaBaby: US Rapper comments about HIV and gay dey make pipo para

Dababy at Rolling Loud festival

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Many pipo don criticise rapper DaBaby sake of wetin im tok for one US festival about pipo wit HIV and gay men.

DaBaby bin dey perform for one Rolling Loud festival for Miami. During im performance, im invite every audience member to “put up your cell phone light up” apart from those wey be HIV-positive or gay men wey dey do kerewa for car parks.

Im also claim say HIV go “make you die in two or three weeks”.

Medication dey help those wit HIV to live long, healthy lives and don dey available for decades.

Anoda popular rapper TI also support DaBaby comments. E say, if Lil Nas X – wey dey regularly tok about im sexuality onstage – dey able to say and do as im like, den DaBaby suppose do di same.

But DaBaby dey face plenti criticism from many odas, including one UK leading HIV and Aids charity and also for social media.

Wit all di gbas-gbas, DaBaby still tok for im Instagram story, say wetin im dey do for im shows “no concern” pipo online.

“Wetin I do for my live show na for di audience for di live show. E no go make sense to pesin wey dey look at a five, six-second clip,” e tok.

‘Even my gay fans get standards’

DaBaby accuse pipo for internet say dem dey “twist” im words and claim say im straight and gay fans appreciate am.

Im go on to claim say, im gay fans no get Aids, and call pipo wey get di sickness “nasty” and “junkies for street”.

“Even my gay fans get standards,” na wetin im add put.

Currently, DaBaby dey US Top Ten as a guest artist on Dua Lipa hit Levitating and e get one clothing collaboration wit Boohoo.

Wetin be HIV?

  • HIV stand for Human Immunodeficiency Virus – di immunodeficiency na di weakening of di immune system by di virus
  • If e dey untreated, e fit lead to late-stage HIV or Aids, di name of di collection of sickness wey di virus dey cause
  • But effective drug treatments dey wey fit help most people wit di virus to live long and healthy lives
  • Modern medication dey reduce di viral load to undetectable levels, e mean say, someone fit pass on HIV and dia health dey protected
  • Sources: Terrence Higgins Trust and NHS