Nnamdi Kanu: Abuja High court judge adjourn Nnamdi Kanu case to October


Di trial of di proscribed separatist leader of di Indigenous People of Biafra Nnamdi Kanu don dey adjourned until October 21 2021.

For di resumed hearing for di Federal High Court today, di presiding judge, Justice Binta Nyako say she no dey go ahead wit di case as di defendant, Nnamdi Kanu no dey physically present for di court.

Di prosecution team no give reasons for di absence if di leader of di banned group but afta closed door meeting, she bin adjourn di case.

She also reject di requests by Kanu lawyer to transfer am go di Nigeria correctional centre afta di lawyers express concerns about im safety and lack of access to am.

Kanu dey stand trial for charges wey border on terrorism, treasonable felony, illegal possession of arms, among others wey di Nigerian goment level against am.

Dis na afta Kanu don spend about four weeks for federal prison sake of detention order by one Court for Abuja on June 29, 2021. Kanu no show for di hearing, something wey make di judge vex.

Nigeria Minister of Justice and Attorney-General Abubakar Malami bin tell tori pipo for Abuja, di kontri capital say “Kanu go still answer for di 11 charges wey e bin dey face for court before e try to escape justice.

Oga Malami wey also be Nigeria Minister of Justice add say Kanu dey also face accuse of instigating violence wey result to loss of lives and property. Accuse wey Kanu lawyers don deny.

Controversy don trail di arrest of di Ipob leader from a foreign kontri and im fast detention for di Department of State Services (DSS) facility – im followers say im arrest dey against fundamental right.

One of di lawyers wey dey represent am, Ifeanyi Ejiofor bin don call on Nigerians to pray for am.

“Remember Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and di entire Legal team for una prayer,” Ifeanyi Ejiofor tok.

Wetin fit happen for court?

"Nnamdi Kanu arrested today": [Ipob news] 'Nnamdi Kanu extradition arrest' in Nigeria ', go appear for Nigeria court - 'Abubakar Malami'

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Nnamdi Kanu na im dey operate Radio Biafra

On June 29 media no get chance to cover di proceeding wen Nigeria goment carry Nnamdi Kanu go Federal High Court, Abuja.

Tori be say di trial Judge, Justice Binta Nyako tok say di matter go get accelerated hearing alias speedy trial.

Di Judge tell di prosecution counsel wey be goment lawyer, to arrange all im witness plus evidences dem for di trial.

Dis time around, Kanu lawyer sef go dey court to represent am.

Goment lawyers fit apply for witness protection. Dat go make am difficult for media pipo to cover di event.

Over 50 Lawyers go represent Nnamdi Kanu, Lawyer

Two Lawyers don dey prominent since di arrest of Nnamdi Kanu – Aloy Ejimakor and Ifeanyi Ejiofor na dem go lead di defence of di Ipob Leader.

Ejiofor, during one interview wit BBC Pidgin say Kanu go get bail from goment sake of sey di charges against am na bail able offence – dis dey contrary to wetin Attorney-General of di federation tok.

Di Lawyer say over fifty Lawyers wey get beta understanding about dis matter na im go dey court to defend Kanu, adding say di Lawyers na both from Nigeria and abroad.

“We get very sophisticated lawyers wey go represent Nnamdi Kanu for di matter,” di Lawyer tok.

“We get more dan 50 Lawyers wey go represent Kanu and some of di Lawyers dey come from Israel, Europe and oda part of di world.

“By di time we apply for di bail and court no gree we go carry our appeal go higher court.

“We go exhaust all constitutional means to get our client out of detention.”

Nnamdi Kanu explanation to im lawyer on how dem arrest am for Kenya
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Nnamdi Kanu trial: Which kain punishment im fit face?

According to former Chairman of Nigeria Bar Association (NBA), OCJ Okocha: “if dem find am guilty of di charge of treasonable felony, Nnamdi Kanu go face di capital punishment wey be death penalty.

“Dis na because around di world, treason na di highest civil offense wey pesin fit commit and e carry death penalty as di maximum sentence and e fit also carry life imprisonment.

“For Nigerian Law, no right dey for any part to divide or breakaway. So pesin wey engage for dat kain agitation for cessation, di pesin dey engage in a treasonable offence.”

For all of dis, e never clear di role wey UK goment go play as Nnamdi Kanu na British citizen.

British High Commission for Abuja bin tell BBC Pidgin say dem dey in di process of seeking clarification from di Nigerian goment.

“Dat na on top di circumstance wey lead to di arrest of Nnamdi Kanu.

“Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office stand ready to provide consular assistance to Nnamdi Kanu as im dey face trial for Nigeria,” Dean Hurlock tok.