Niger state kidnapping: Gunmen kidnap man wey go pay ransom for kidnapped Islamic school children

Kagara abduction: Nigeria latest news of school abduction

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Dis be di third high profile school abduction since 2015 wen Muhammadu Buhari become president of Nigeria.

Kidnappers for Nigeria don gbab one man wey dem send to go deliver ransom payment to secure di release of di school children dem kidnap from one Islamic school for Niger state.

Di parents bin send di elderly man aftta dem manage to raise 30m naira ($73,000; £53,000) by selling land and oda possessions.

But im kidnapping now don leave dem feeling hopeless.

Di kidnappers call up di school headteacher to say di money dem deliver no be di agreed sum.

Na for late May dem kidnap di 136 students from one Islamic school for Tegina, Niger state.

Gunmen ontop motorcycles bin storm di town and open fire anyhow, dem kill one person and injure anoda.

As pipo run, di attackers bin enta di school and kidnap di children.

Di parents and school administrators bin negotiate with di bandits and agree to pay di ransom. Dem bin sell part of di school land as well as oda possessions.

Headteacher Malam Abubakar Alhassan tell BBC say, dem send six pipo with di correct amount to meet di kidnappers near di forest wia dem hold di children.

Wen dem arrive, di gunmen demand say make one pesin from di group, one elderly man, make e follow dem enta di forest to count di money.

But dem come later call say di money no reach.

“Parents now don dey resigned to fate. Dem say dem no fit raise any more money. Dem dey rely on God now,” Mr Alhassan tell BBC.

‘Some Bethel students regain freedom’

Meanwhile, some of di students dem abduct from one secondary school for di northern Nigerian state of Kaduna don regain dia freedom. Gunmen bin kidnap di 121 students from one boarding secondary school known as Bethel Baptist High School for Kaduna state last month. One of di founders of di school, Reverend John Joseph Hayab tell BBC say na 28 now dem don release afta negotiations between the kidnappers and parents of di abductees.

E no tok weda dem pay ransom, but e say ”e dey likely.” Reverend Hayab di children wey dem free on Saturday night look ‘traumatized, confused and weak.”

Dem reunite dem with dia parents in di early hours of Sunday medical personnel check dem out.

Na more dan one thousand students n aim dem don kidnap from schools across Nigeria since last December.

Hundreds of dem still dey in captivity as Nigeria kidnapping ransom crisis continue to dey worry.

Di Nigerian authorities dey chop criticism say dem dey fail to tackle di problem of insecurity wey dey widespread.