NYSC give tips for new set of corps members wey go begin orientation for service

One youth corper

Di idea na to post youth corpers outside dia state to learn oda culture and teach dia own too

Di Nigeria National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) don announce new tips give prospective corps members wey dem just deploy.

Potential corps members for di 2021 Batch B stream one gatz follow di following tips wey NYSC publish for dia official Facebook page.

Di publication include safety tips – both for Covid and security – plus tips on how to do proper documentation wen dem reach camp.

Safety tips

Some of di safety tips wey NYSC want prospective corp member to observe include to:

Make sure di corps members report to di exact camp wey dem deploy dem go on di dem suppose report.

No travel go Orientation Camp for Night. If e dey necessary, make dem break dia journey.

All prospective corps members must to register for Covid-19 test through di link wey dey dia dash board.

Deployment tips wetin you no fit do for Camp

  • Every prospective corps member must to print im call-up letter from dia website.
  • Afta documentation for Camp, you no go fit to change your date of birth. Therefore, make sure you apply for change of date of birth before you begin Orientation Camp.
  • You no go fit change your date of graduation afta documentation.
  • Afta documentation you no go fit change your Course of Study.
  • Make sure you correct you Date of Graduation and Course of Study before you waka go camp.
  • No waka go camp if your date of graduation for statement of result no match di one wey dey your call up letter. If you get any issue go back to your school go correct am.
  • Afta documentation for Camp, you no go fit change your passport foto again.
  • If NYSC call you and you no gree report to Orientation Camp, NYSC no go automatically move you di next stream.

Deployment tips wetin you fit do for Camp

You fit apply to change to di correct gender and your name title inside Camp.

You also fit apply online to correct your Class for Degree, Qualification and Course of Study. Your Student Affairs officer go treat dis ones.

If your name for your statement of result no match wit your name for your call up letter, make you apply for Name Addition or Removal for your dashboard. Your Student affairs Officer go process am again online by uploading your documents again.