Why Ghana youth reject bags of rice from lawmaker

Some unemployed youth for Busunu, inside Savannah Region of Ghana reject rice gift from dema Member of Parliament as protest over joblessness.

Inside video which dey go viral, de young men return bags of rice which dem send to de community as gift back to de sender.

Dem throw de rice bags back into di white Hilux van wey come deliver de items on Sunday

“We need jobs, we need jobs” be some of de comments dem make while dem dey pack de rice back into de truck.

Local media Zaaradio report say de youth bore Member of Parliament, Samuel Abu Jinapor who promise dem jobs during de elections.

However seven months after de elections dem still dey without jobs.

Sake of that dem reject de rice, wey dem take video to send message across say e be jobs dem dey need no be rice or gifts.

Local reports say, de angry youth destroy most of de rice and return am to de representatives of de lawmaker who come deliver de items.

Who be Samuel Abu Jinapor?

Samuel Abu Jinapor be lawyer by profession.

He enter Parliament for de first time after de 2020 elections when he defeat de NDC Adam Mutawakilu.

Prior to becoming Member of Parliament, he serve as Deputy Chief of Staff to Prez Akufo-Addo in de first term from 2017 to 2020.

He currently dey serve as Minister for Lands and Natural Resources inside de second term of Prez Akufo-Addo govment.

One of en main responsibilities as minister be say he dey lead de fight against illegal mining which be major issue de current Govment wan resolve sake of de pollution to land den water bodies.