LGBT+: Islamic Police arrest five men accused of homosexuality for Kano


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Nigerian law no dey allow man and man or woman and woman marriage

Islamic police for Kano state, north west Nigeria, don arrest five men wey dem accuse of homosexuality.

Di Islamic Police Board say dem arrest di young men wey dem “suspect dey do homosexual acts” during one raid wey dem do for one hideout for Kumbotso afta some pipo for di community complain.

Kano state na one of di states for northern Nigeria wey dey practice Islamic or Sharia law togeda wit Nigeria secular law.

"LGBTQI office in Ghana"

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For June Ghana authorities arrest 21 LGBT pipo for unlawful assembly

For di two laws, same-sex relationship dey illegal.

Authorities say di men na suspect and dem dey do more investigate. If dey find dem guilty, dem fit chop reach fourteen years for prison according to Nigeria law.

But if dem find dem guilty according to Sharia law wey Kano dey practice, dem fit face death penalty.

Nigeria authorities don step up arrest of LGBT pipo and dem dey cari dem go court. For 2014 di goment introduce new law wey regards same-sex relationship as criminal offence.

For August 2018 di kontri police bin arrest 57 gay suspects but later release demon bail.