Lauretta Onochie INEC: Senate reject Onochie as INEC Federal Commissioner Buhari nominate

Senate don reject President Buhari PA, Lauretta Onochie as Federal Commissioner of Nigeria election office INEC.

Lauretta Onochie na Personal Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on Social Media.

Senate on Tuesday shortlist seven candidates wey di president nominate for appointment as South South Federal Commissioner for INEC.

Among di names na Lauretta Onochie wey some don accuse of being a staunch supporter of ruling APC political party.

Based on dis accuse, Senate therefore rule say make dem no appoint her to di post.

Lauretta Onochie senate screening as INEC Federal Commissioner-nominee last week bin no go down well wit many.

Pipo dey frown face mainly because she be Personal Assistant on Social Media to Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari.

Onochie collect nomination from President Muhammadu Buhari for di position of national commissioner of INEC for October 2020.

Critics of di move say Lauretta Onochie na card carrying member of APC so her appointment as Nigeria election refree no make sense.

But on Thursday 8 July, 2021 wen Onochie appear before Nigeria Senate panel for screening, she say:

She no longer be card carrying member of di ruling APC or dey partisan.

Two weeks ago Nigeria main opposition party; PDP protest Lauretta Onochie nomination for di National Assembly.

INEC – Independent National Electoral Commission – na Nigeria election office wey dey conduct general elections and announce results.

If her screening scale through, she go rep south south region as one of di senior election referees alias Federal Commissioner for INEC.

Di last time dis kain concern bin happun for Nigeria na wen di then Buhari, as opposition candidate, contest to be president in 2003.

During im election tribunal, im raise concern say President Olusegun Obasanjo goment bin appoint card carrying members of PDP into INEC.

Di Supreme Court for Buhari v. Obasanjo 2005 case rule dat time say e no dey sufficient to lead to di conclusion say dem bin dey biased.