Delta Variant in Nigeria: Covid-19 variant dey spread and kill pipo fast according to WHO

Few African countries get di facilities needed to identify new variants


Di outbreak of di SARS-COV2 Delta variant wey don spread enta more dan 90 kontris for di world don become cause of worry for di World Health Organization and world leaders.

On Thursday, Nigeria National Centre for Disease Control [NCDC] announce say dem record new case of di SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant of Covid-19 from travel wey enta Nigeria from abroad.

Dis na di Coronavirus variant wey dem dey also call lineage B.1.617.2.

Di variant wey also dey known as Lineage B.1.617.2 na anoda variant of di virus wey dey cause coronavirus,

Di variant dey spread fast and dey kill pipo faster dan di oda known variants according to WHO.

Dem discover di Delta variant for India last year December but na for May 2021, di WHO name am di Delta variant and declare am as “variant of concern.”

For April 2021, di Delta variant become di variant wey dey cause di new Covid-19 cases for India.

Di United Kingdom and US wey also dey record increase cases of di delta variant dey fear anoda covid-wave and still dey reason how dem go take relax di pandemic measures.

Health experts don describe di delta as di most “fit” variant of di coronavirus. Dis one mean say e fit infect more pipo wit di Covid-19 virus.

One infectious-disease expert for di University of California, Monica Ghandi say “na di variant wey dey hold on to di cells of di host and e go attack di host well pass di oda variants because e fit replace imsef beta.”

WHO confam say di Delta variant don spread reach 96 kontris and dey expected to continue to dey spread. Di health body say di variant na one of di reasons cases of coronavirus dey increase more and more for di world.

Di Delta variant dey dangerous?

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Data from di UK show say di delta variant dey 60% more transmissible pass di previous variants.

Professor of Virology wey also be di head of di Department of Disease for Imperial College London, Prof. Wendy Barclay explain say dis variant dey spread fast pass previous ones because of some important mutations for im spike protein wey dey allow di virus to penetrate and infect healthy cells.

Symptoms of Delta variant

Di symptoms of di Delta variant different small from previous variants.

Data from UK scientists tok say di main symptoms of infection wit di delta variant na headaches, sore throat and runny nose.

Dis different from di official informate on Covid-19 symptoms wey di UK National Health Service provide, wey include, fever, continuous cough and loss of smell or taste.

Vaccines dey work well against Delta variant?

Scientists’ still dey study how well di Covid-19 vaccines dey work against di delta variant.

Recent data wey dem share show say di vaccine dey work to prevent severe Covid-19 wey di delta variant cause.

According to latest data from PHE, one single dose of vaccine dey reduce pesin chances of catching coronavirus and e go need about 75% hospital treatment, even di delta variant wey dey sprea across di world.

Di chances of pipo wey don collect di two recommended doses afta catching di virus or dey hospitalised don dey reduced by more dan 90%.

Cases of di delta variant for Africa

South Africa get di most cases on di continent


Nigeria don join di list of African kontris to detect di delta variant. On Thursday, di kontri disease centre confam one case of di variant.

Di Delta variant don dey reported for 17 kontris so far and 10 out of di 16 kontris dey currently face resurgence afta dem confam im presence.

WHO believe say di spread of di delta variant contribute to increase di number of cases and deaths for di continent.

Dem find am for most of di samples wey dem test for kontris wey dey experience widespread, like DR Congo, Uganda, South Africa.

South Africa, Uganda, di Democratic Republic of Congo, Namibia, Zambia, Rwanda and Tunisia dey among di kontris wey dey among di worst hit sake of di recent resurgence of di infections.

WHO say more than 251,000 new cases dey recorded for di week wey end 4 July, and e make am di “worst pandemic week ever”.