Michael Jackson news: Fans, family honour King of Pop memory 12 years afta death

Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson turn 12 years old inside grave on Friday June 25, 2021.

Plenti fans and some family members of di late pop star pay tribute to honour MJ.

Di king of pop, as many dey call Michael Jackson, die on 25 June 2009.

Reports come out say some fans even visit di outside of Michael Jackson boyhood home wey dey for Gary, Indiana.

Some of dem leave notes, flowers and memorabilia.

Some oda fans use social media to remember di King of pop.

Michael Jackson die for Los Angeles for di age of 50.

MJ sister, Janet Jackson post photo of her and e late brother on her instagram page.


La Toya Jackson wey also be sister to di late pop icon, share photo of hersef wen she attend di burial of Michael Jackson and write say;

“One of di saddest days of my life! I no go ever forget. You dey loved, you be di light, you be di greatest, you go always be with us!”


Tito Jackson wey be elder brother to Michael Jackson and also member of di Jackson 5 write say di late pop singer ‘go always dey for dia heart’ and share photo am on e instagram page.


Fans of Michael Jackson no dey left out for di remembrance of late pop singer as dem use different harshtags like #MichaelJackson, #12yearswithoutmichaeljackson and odas to honour am.

For one post from late Michael Jackson Facebook Page to honour am, plenti fans comment under to express how dem feel and di post don get about 2.3k comments and 12k shares.

One fan, Asia PromiƄska write say; “Thank you for everything you give us. Your beautiful soul, heart, music and dance. Love and miss you always. RIP.”

Anoda fan, Amy Brogden write say;

“Di world change completely wen you leave Michael, e feels like a cold shell of wetin e be before. You bring di light, you show us di way and e dey dark without you. But I fit still feel your love all around and I go fight di best I fit with your love for my heart.”