BBNaija Lockdown Reunion 2021: Highlights of Lucy/Kaisha fight, Ka3na unfollow housemates

Drama no dey finish for di Big Brother Naija Reunion as fight burst on Thursday.

Dis time na between Lucy and Kaisha housemates during di last episode of di show.

Fight start afta Kaisha tok how Ka3na no show her mama respect during one of dia party.

According to Kaisha, her mama wey like Ka3na bin wan snap photo with her.

Di mama come send Lucy to tell Ka3na say she wan snap photo with her.

But e be like say Lucy no deliver di message well.

Kaisha say her mama come later send her sister Zainab but Ka3na disrespect her mum.

She say Ka3na tell her to come to her house to take photo with her.

Ka3na defend hersef say she no know say na Kaisha mama wan snap photo with her oh!

She hear ‘manager’ and no be ‘mama’. Lucy also confam say dis na wetin she hear too.

“Pipo get wrong perception of me because I no spend more time for di house.

“I no be violent pesin and I no go disrespect her mama” Ka3na tok.

But Kaisha insist say Ka3na dey lie.

She add say know say her sister tell Ka3na say na dia mama wan snap di photo with her.

Di housemates argue dis Mata so tey tori come out say Kaisha waka go meet Ka3na for di party and push her head sake of dis mata.

As di argument dey serious more-more, Kaisha come tok say she wan make di dem stop di conversation about her but Lucy still want to defend her hersef.

Lucy come ask if evritin dey about di “fruit thing” and Kaisha say make she end di tok.

Lucy futher explain say she no dey tok about Kaisha mama but about “fruit”.

And she ask Kaisha weda her mama na fruit; “Abi your mama na fruit?”

Dis kwesion make Kaisha vex and she immediately use pillow take stone Lucy.

Then sharperly Lucy rush her, na dia fight burst out.

Next thing, di reality show see Lucy dey leave di studio with her wig for her hand.