Wards and polling units in Nigeria: Why INEC comot polling unit for shrine, palace, mosque, oda places

Mahmood Yakubu, INEC Chairman

Getty Images

Nine shrines dey among polling units wey di Independent National Electoral Commission don cancel for Nigeria.

Oda odd locations wia di Nigeria election body comot polling units na for mosque and churches across di kontri.

Inec say dem remove di polling units sake of “distance, difficult terrain, congestion, communal conflict, new settlements and general insecurity.”

Inec begin introduce reforms into di commission ahead of di 2023 general election and future election – creation of new polling units follow for one of di reforms.

National Chairman of Inec, Prof. Mahmood Yakubu reveal dis one during di announcement of new 56,872 polling units for di kontri.

According to Yakubu for di meeting wey im hold wit Resident Electoral Commissioners for Abuja ahead of di Nationwide Continuous voter registration exercise, “we convert 56,872 Voting Points and Voting Point Settlements and add to di existing 119,974 Polling Units.

“Consequently, di Commission dey glad to report say 25 years since dem create di current Polling Units for 1996, Nigeria don get 176,846 full-fledged Polling Units.

“Similarly, afta consultation with stakeholders, di Commission don successfully remove 749 Polling Units from inappropriate locations to appropriate public facilities or open spaces.

“Of dis figure we comot 232 from private properties, 145 royal palaces, 6 Mosques, 21 Churches and 9 Shrines. We come relocate di remaining 336 Polling Units were for various reasons wey include distance, difficult terrain, congestion, communal conflict, new settlements and general insecurity.”

Inec fix date for Ekiti, Osun govnorship election

Di Independent National Electoral Commission also announce dates to conduct governorship elections for Ekiti and Osun States.

Inec Chairman, Professor Mahmood Yakubu say di early announcement of di date na to make every body start preparation early.

“In keeping wit our policy of announcing di dates of elections in advance to enable early and effective preparations by all concerned, di Commission don approve sey di Ekiti State Governorship election go hold on Saturday, June 18, 2022, while di Osun State Governorship election go hold one month later on Saturday, July 16, 2022,” Mahmood tok.

Di Inec oga also say di commission don begin implement activities wey dem don arrange for di Anambra State Governorship election wey dey shele for November dis year.