Crowwe app: Adamu Garba tok why Google remove Crowwe app from playstore

Adamu Garba don react to tori wey dey make di news say Google delete im app comot from play store.

Di former Nigeria presidential candidate and businessman say “Even though some Nigerians report my Crowwe app na me remove am not Google”

Im add dat e remove am himself to update some code for di app.

Di tori wey say Google delete Adamu Garba app begin dey circulate days afta Nigeria goment suspend Twitter operation for di kontri.

Adamu Garba na pesin wey don always dey in support of di Nigeria goment ban wey di authorities say activities of di social media platform ‘dey threaten di kontri cooperate existence.’

Why Nigerians report Crowwe app?

For sometime now Garba don always tok about how di app na good alternative to Twitter.

Di CEO of IPI group bin also show support to Nigerian goment after dem ban twitter, im tok say e agree wit wetin goment tok unto say di social media platform – Twitter dey divide Nigeria.

Dis stance by di Crowwe app CEO come allegedly make Nigerians enta play store to complain about oga Garba app afta di Twitter suspension for di kontri wey affect many Nigerian youths.

E no dey clear why dem go act like dat, but last year Garba bin sue Twitter after di EndSars protest wey happun for Nigeria.

Wetin Google tok?

Dem neva make any official announcement on di reason for di removal but Google Play policy reveal say di company dey remove applications wey dem see say e dey violate dia policy.

“Once your app dey removed, di published version of your app no go dey available on Google Play until a compliant update is submitted,” Playstore policy tok am.

Dem add say dem no go republish di app until dem fix di policy violation.