Tope Alabi Oniduromi gospel song comments make Tolu Adelegan react

Nigerian gospel artiste, Evangelist Toluwalase Adelegan, don react to di comment from her colleague, Tope Alabi, wey condemn di song ‘Oniduro mi’.

For interview wit BBC Yoruba, di original owner of di song ‘Oniduro Mi’, Madam Adelegan say she receive di inspiration to sing di song wen her choir bin dey prepare for one event for 2014 and afta dat, di holy spirit direct her to release di song for 2016.

Nigerian gospel singer, Adeyinka Alaseyori bin make di song popular wen she release remix of di song earlier dis year.

Na Alaseyori remix of di song cause gbas-gbos as popular gospel artiste condemn di song say di use of di word ‘Oniduro Mi’ to describe God , no follow.

Oniduro Mi na words from Yoruba language wey mean ‘My Guarantor’.

Why Tope Alabi criticise di song

For one video wey go viral for social media, Tope Alabi criticise di song, say di lyrics limit who God be as God pass to just be pesin ‘Guarantor’.

She also give reasons why gospel artistes need to hear more from ‘God’ before dem release song.

“With all di tins wey God be and all di tins wey God dey do na im one pesin go come say my Guarantor thank you. God no be my Guarantor, God pass like dat sir. ” she tok.

Wetin inspire Adelegan to make di original song

Madam Adelegan wey first release di song, say part of di inspiration for her to write and sing ‘Oniduro Mi’ na sake of some troubles she bin dey face at dat time of her life.

“Di year I sing dat song, I bin dey go through a lot of tribulations. Things bin dey so bad, sotee even my children bin dey face challenges. I dey frustrated and tired of life. Dat na wen God give me di song.

“Tope Alabi wey tok about di ‘Oniduro’ song… fit get smaller gods like Sango or Oya, as her ‘Oniduro’. But to me, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, wey be di one wey sand by me, na my Oniduro.”

Madam Adelegan also clear di air about speculations say na Yinka Alaseyori be di original owner of di song.

She say, “Wen I hear say Yinka Alaseyori don remake my song, I report her to Bisi Alawiye and Bukola Akinade (Ṣẹnwẹlẹ Jesu) wey be her mentors, instead of me to fight her”.

Adelegan say Alawiye and Akinade bin follow her tok say no be she get di song.

She further explain give BBC Yoruba say, “Di God wey inspire me to sing di song later say make I allow Alaseyori to release di song.

I no fight her because she be like pikin to me but I report her to our senior colleagues. And God still tell me say make I dey patient say di time to tok neva reach

Until yesterday, God tell me to speak out say im go support me.”

Wetin Alaseyori don tok

Gospel artiste Adeyinka Alaseyori wey do di remake of di song ‘Oniduromi’ wey make am popular, never comment ontop di mata directly.

Instead on Sunday, she bin do one Instagram live wia she give out information to her fans about some of her upcoming events. She bin make comments and dey excited at di beginning of di live at di number of pipo wey turn-up.