History of June 12 in Nigeria, how MKO Abiola become symbol of democracy and why e dey important to di Yoruba pipo

Abiola chop arrest afta e declare himself president for June 12

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June 12 Presidential elections 1993 election na di first afta di 1983 military coup for Nigeria.

Di election bin involve two parties, di Social Democratic Party (SDP) and di National Republican Convention (NRC). Nigeria bin dey run two party system dat time.

Moshood Kashimawo Abiola (MKO) run for di Social Democratic Party (SDP) why Bashir Tofa run for National Republican Convention (NRC).

International and local observers bin declare di June 12 1993 election as di freest and fairest of dem all, But e no come to reality. Di events wey happun wey make am so, wetin hapun afta and di impact e get on Nigeria and im democracy na something wey don form a major part of Nigeria history and sometin wey go ever make June 12 a very special and painful day for some.

Wetin happun on June 12 1993?

Abiola chop arrest afta e declare himself president for June 12

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On June 12 1993, MKO run for di seat of di president under SDP while im opponent Bashir Tofa run under NRC. MKO running mate na Baba Gana Kingibe why Tofa own na Sylvester Ugoh.

Even though international and local observers declare say di election na di freest and fairest, di military Head of State Ibrahim Babangida den cancel di election ontop allegation of wuru-wuru and mago-mago.

Di election wey dem cancel cause palava and Babangida step aside on August 27, 1993. Ernest Shonekan, MKO townsman from Ogun state become di interim government.

On June 11 1994, Abiola declare imsef President of Nigeria for Epetedo, Lagos, south west of di kontri. Afta im declaration, dem begin find am ontop accuse of treason and under di command of General Sani Abacha, dem finally arrest am on June 23, 1994..

Dem detain Abiola for four years, tori be say aside from di Bible and Qur’an, im no get any source of info of di outside world.

Abiola die on July 7, 1998, di day dem suppose release am from detention.

Who be MKO Abiola and how im become man of di pipo?

Abiola chop arrest afta e declare himself president for June 12

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Abiola na ogbonge businessman, publisher and politician and wey come from Ogun State South West of Nigeria.

He make im money and gain popularity through various enterprises, wey include communication, oil and gas.

MKO bin first run for presidency for 1983 wen a military coup d’etat overthrow di second republic sitting, President Shehu Shagari, to install Muhammadu Buhari as military leader and election no later hold.

One political analyst, Damilola Agbalajobi bin write for one of her article for ‘the conversation’ say at dis time for 1983 wey Abiola first run for presidency, “Nigeria bin dey endure a great deal of political palava and e don dey happun since im independence for 1960.

“At dis time Nigeria be deeply a divided nation, driven along ethnic, religious and regional lines.

Na di north hold political and military power.” She tok.

MKO Abiola later return for 1993 to run for di second time and despite say e dey popular and large number of pipo come out to vote for am during dat election, di military leader den, Gen Bababangida, cancel di election.

June 12 – Nigeria democracy day

Today, June 12 na Nigeria Democracy day.

Dis year go mark di fourth year wey di kontri go mark democracy day on June 12 since president Muhammadu Buhari change di date for 2018 from May 29, to honour di winner of di June 12, 1993 democratic election, late Chief Moshood Kashimawo MKO Abiola plus im running mate, Baba Gana Kingibe.

Before now, di South Western states of Nigeria dey always mark the day as ‘Abiola day’ to remind themselves of how di military deny di region – (since MKO na from South West) A free and fair election for 1993.

Abiola die during di struggle to restore democracy for Nigeria and dis na why President Buhari decide to change democracy day to June 12

Di pipo of di SW region hail dis move, say Buhari do well to recognise MKO Abiola struggle and di significance of dat election to di Yorubas.

Why June 12 dey important to Yoruba pipo?

Different groups wey dey support Yoruba self rule participate for di rally wey cause major traffic gridlock for di city of Ibadan.


MKO Abiola come from di South West of di kontri.

Even as some pipo believe say June 12, 1993 na di day wey Nigerians without thinking of dia ethnicity, religion or dia language, come out to vote for one man, to end di military regime for Nigeria, Yoruba pipo see June 12 as a day to celebrate a legend and di Yoruba democracy.

However, June 12 democracy day celebration dis year dey come at a time wen di call for di separation of Yoruba pipo from Nigeria dey loud more and more.

Some groups don hold rally, peaceful protest across South West states to demand a separate kontri for Yoruba pipo, and dem mention insecurity palava and marginalisation as dia reason.

Di call for a ‘Yoruba Nation’

One Yoruba rights activist, Sunday Adeyemo wey dey popularly known as Sunday Igboho dey at di front for di call of dis movemnet for a ‘Yoruba Nation.’

Di tok begin dey gada steam sake of of di increase of insecurity for di region, especially di issue of di herdsmen a- farmers palava and kidnaping wey dey happun for im area for Oyo State, South West of Nigeria.

Igboho wey dey point finger to di ‘Fulani’ ethnic group from di northern part of Nigeria say na dem be di herdsmen wey dey attack communities for di region say, time don reach to pursue dem comot Ibarapa and also from Yoruba pipo to get dia own kontri for peace to reign.

Sunday Igboho dey follow pipo tok for rally to support Yoruba nation


And some ogbonge pipo dey join dia voice to Igboho own.

One University of Ile-Ife Professor, Banji Akintoye wey also dey lead di agitation, follow BBC Pidgin tok say im support Sunday Igboho movement.

“Yoruba pipo need to get a separate kontri of our own.” Banji Akintoye tok.

“We don come to di realization say Nigeria no fit work and no be only because power dey centralised, but because di pipo wey hold di power for di centre don decide to unleash dia pipo on us, so dem go destroy us.” E add.

“Dis no longer be politics, dem don turn am into war.

Prof Banji dey refer to di alleged incessant killings by herdsmen for di .

Sunday Igboho dey follow pipo tok for rally to support Yoruba nation



But one of di leaders of di Yoruba ethnic group, Afenifere no agree wit dia stance.

Pa Ayo Adebanjo for interview wit BBC Pidgin yan say dem no believe in di call for a separate kontri for Yoruba pipo.

“We as Afenifere no believe in separation.

Our problem na wit di constitution and dat na why we dey beg di goment to restructure di kontri back to federalism.”

Nigeria bin practice federalism at di early stage of independence between 1960 to 1966 wen di kontri dey run decentralised goment along Western, Northern and Eastern region before one military decree later abolish am to introduce states system. Na afta dis, di Eastern states bin attempt to secede as a nation called Biafra during di Nigerian civil war wey later end for 1970

Pa Adebanjo say, if President Muhammadu Buhari agree to restructure today “we go silence everybody wey dey call for separation for di kontri.”

Meanwhile to mark dis year June 12 celebration, Sunday Igboho don call for im supporters to come out and rally on dat day.