Buhari speech on Democracy Day: Nigeria president June 12 national broadcast touch on insecurity, constitutional reforms and elections

Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari say June 12, Democracy Day na celebration of freedom and victory fof one pipo, one kontri and one Nigeria.

Di president tok dis one during im Democracy Day broadcast on Saturday.

Di president wey also tok sorry to victims and families of violent attacks and kidnappings for di kontri say im administration go ensure justice and punish those wey dey benefit from violence fir Nigeria.

“In di last two years we don witness and overcome some challenges wey suppose destroy oda nations, especially relating to oiur collective security.”

Unfortunately some of dis challenges come with violence wey lead to loss of lives of may of our dear compatriots and destruction of some of our infrastructure including those wey dey devoted to improve our democratic processes

“Once again I wan render my sincere and heart-felt condolences to family and friends of our gallant service men and women wey lose dia lives in di line of duty and as a sacrifice to keep Nigeria safe.

I extend di same condolence to di families and friends of our kontri men, women and children wey be unfortunate victims of such senseless kidnappings and murders. I also share di pains of families and direct victims of ransom-seeking, kidnapped victims wey go through unimaginable tin wen dem capture dem.” E tok.

President Buhari also address di issue of pipo wey dey take advantage of di problems of di kontri to make money.

“Wen una elect me for 1025, una do am sake of say una believe say I go end di growing insecurity, especially for di North East, but as we dey try to scata dem, dem enta in-kontri wey be wetin we dey face now, We go by di grace of God end dis challenge too.”

“Unfortunately, like most conflict situations, some Nigerian criminals dey take advantage of a difficult situation to make profit. We dey chook eye and we go soon bring some of di culprits to justice.” Buhari tok.

Di president also assure say im administration dey chook eye for di mata of poverty and youth employment and say im vision of bringing 100 million Nigerians out of Nigeria dey in action.

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President Buhari also reinstate im commitment to free and fair elections for di kontri as im tok about di reason for making June 12 democracy day.

“Wen dis administration decide to change our Democracy Day from 29th May to June 12th for my first tenure, no be only to honour di sacrifice of di men and women wey fight for democracy but also to demonstrate our commitment to satisfy di aspirations of di pipo and create environment wia democracy na way of life, as your president, I remain committed to ensure free fair and credible electoral system under my tenure but however you need to lay your part and dey involve to create a democratic system wey go work for all.”

On tok of marginalisation and calls for constitutional reforms, Buhari say:

“While dis govt no shake head against constitutional reforms as part of di building process, everyone must understand say di primary responsibility for constitutional amendments dey di hand of di national assembly. Dem don conclude di first stages of amending and improving di constitution in way wey go make majority of Nigerians happy.”

President Buhari end by saying e remain ever “committed to upholding and defending Nigeria’s corporate existence. I go do everything in my power to ensure say security and welfare of di pipo remain di primary purpose of goment.”