Woman give birth to 10 babies: Guateng Gosiame Thamara Sithole born 10 babies [decuplets]

Di woman wey give birth to 10 babies at once inside South Africa fit be di new world record.

Gosiame Thamara Sithole wey be 37, don first give birth to twins before, and di twins na six years old now.

Her husband, Teboho Tsotetsi say dem dey surprise by di 10 pikin [decuplets] afta scans only show eight pikin for di womb.

“Na seven boys and three girls. I dey happy. I dey emotional. I no fit tok much,” Tsotetsi tell Pretoria News afta di birth on Monday night.

Doctor say madam Sithole dey for good health afta she deliver through caesarean section 29 weeks into her pregnancy for Pretoria on Monday evening.

One South African official don confam di birth of di decuplets to BBC.

Guinness World Records tell BBC say dem dey investigate Madam Sithole case.

One woman wey get eight babies for US for 2009 currently hold di Guinness World Record for di most children wey one woman don deliver at once and wey survive.

Last month, 25-year-old Halima Cissé from Mali give birth to nine babies, wey report say dey well for one clinic inside Morocco.

Most pregnancies wey involve large numbers of babies dey end prematurely, according to BBC Africa health reporter Rhoda Odhiambo.

Multiple births wey involve more than three babies dey rare and often na di result of fertility treatments – but for dis case di couple say dem conceive di belle naturally.

Prayers and sleepless nights

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Most pregnancies wey involve large numbers of babies dey end up prematurely

Madam Sithole tell Pretoria News one month ago, say her pregnancy dey “tough for di beginning”

And she bin pray for healthy birth, with many sleepless night wey she go dey worry about wetin go happun.

“How all of dem go fit dey inside di womb? Dem go survive?” she ask hersef all dis question, but doctors come reassure her say her womb dey expand.

Wen dem first think say na eight pikin dey her belle, Madam Sithole dey suffer from leg pains and doctors find out say two of di eight “dey for di wrong tube”.

“We sort dat one out and I don dey okay since then. I no fit wait for my children,” she tell di newspaper during dat time.

Her husband also tok say e dey happy well-well and feel like “one of God chosen children. Dis na miracle wey I appreciate”.

Only two sets of nonuplets na im dem don record before – but none of di babies survive more than few days.