Niger Attacks: How communities for Shiroro local goment, Niger state dey pay gunmen to enjoy peace



Some communities for Shiroro local goment under Niger state for central Nigeria don start to pay gunmen wey dey terrorise di state money in order to enjoy peace.

Rainy season don dey set in and for dis communities wey mostly na farmers dem believe say if dem no reach agreement with dis gunmen pay dem money farming go dey impossible.

Some of di pipo from dis communities wey speak to BBC say dem dey forced to negotiate with di gunmen as dem no get any oda option and dat dem don dey reap di benefits.

One youth leader for Garmana town tell BBC many of di villages under dia town don reach agreement with di gunmen already.

Pipo we gather dey discuss

Pipo wey dey displaced from Shiroro local goment

“It depends on di agreement di gunmen get with each village and each area, for some areas na certain amount una go pay to dey free while elsewhere dem fit say na dis number of motorcycles dem want as payment so it depends.”

Anoda man wey dey stay anoda town tell BBC say for dia own side na N2 million dem contribute pay di gunmen and dem dey enjoy di agreement wella as pipo fit move in and out of di town anytime dem want.

Niger state dey among states for Nigeria wey dey experience serious cases of insecurity and even though di goment say dem dey try dia best residents dey tok say dem don tire with promises and na why dem decide to take matters into dia own hands.

Just last week di govnor of di state yan say Boko Haram members don yapa for di state and dem don even hoist dia flag for some areas.

Niger state goment say dem no dey aware of dis kain agreements between communities and gunmen but dem dey try dia best alongside federal goment to bring an end to insecurity for di state.