Muhammadu Buhari: Fr Ejike Mbaka ask President of Nigeria to resign, how Nigerians react

Rev. Fr Ejike Mbaka latest prophesy dey make Nigerians for social media dey react.

Di controversial Catholic priest na ogbonge supporter of Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari before before.

But Fr. Mbaka make u-turn for im latest prophesy wia di priest say God ask am to withdraw im support for di president.

Many Nigerians dey tok dia minds ontop di prophesy and dem dey divided into two main groups;

Di ones wey want make dem protect Mbaka plus believe say im make sense die.

And thse wey believe say di and spiritual director of Adoration Ministry no try at all.

E still get some pipo for social media wey drag oda pastors wey don dey do prophesy say Buhari na di ansa wey Nigeria give.

Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka criticize di leadership style of Nigeria president, Muhammadu Buhari on how im don handle insecurity for di kontri.

Father Mbaka for recent video say “God ask am to withdraw im support and prophesy against di President.”

Im ask di 78 year old Nigerian leader “to resign or make lawmakers impeach am”.

Di Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry say “even though im don support President Buhari before e no mean say e go keep quiet sake of di many katakata wey dey happun for Nigeria.”

Meanwhile foreign kontris like US, Canada, Australia and UK don advice dia citizens of di danger wey dey for some places in Nigeria.

Dis security alert plus travel advice na as di West African kontri don begin record high level of crime and insecurity.