Chacha Eke: Nigerians react to Chacha and Austin Faani, Nigerian actress and film director news of dia 4th pikin

Nigerian actress Chacha Eke and husband Austin don announce di arrival of dia 4th pikin.

Baby Diamond Kandilichukwu Faani arrive on Saturday according to wetin Austin post for im Instagram page.

Im be tok for im page say “Thank You God say you colour our world with our fourth pikin.”

Di actress follow add her own for social media page say “Beloved, our baby don come.”

Plenti pipo don comot to congratulate di new parent:

She bin announce say she bin get di belle for October last year afta a lot of gbas-gbos.

Kasala before Pregnancy Announcement

For October last year, Madam Eke reveal say she get bi-polar disorder as she announce say she get belle.

Dis bin follow di announcement wey she make on social media say she go comot di marriage afta seven years togeda.

For di now deleted viral video, she tok say “You go tink say I don craze but i neva craze. Dis video na to tell di world say I don finish with dis marriage, finally.”

Howeva, less than a week afta di public meltdown, she comot to defend her husband, feem director Austin Fanni Ikechukwu, say e neva beat am or shout at am before as she show picture of am for hospital bed.

She tok say many psychiatric doctors bin check am and diagnose am with Bipolar disorder.

And she go tok about di disorder inside feem.