Coronavirus: ‘We no get up to 10 ventilators for Irrua Specialist hospital’

One doctor for Irrua Specialist Hospital, Edo state, South South Nigeria, don tell BBC Pidgin say di hospital no get up to 10 ventilators for di facility.

Before di number 5 day of April , 2020, Irrua Specialist Hospital no follow for coronavirus treatment centre as dem be only testing centre.

Di hospital become treatment centre on Sunday 5, April 2020, wen dem admit dia first patient.

Wen e come to di treatment of Lassa Fever, Irrua na one of di best hospital for West Africa, but dem dey equipped to handle di coronavirus pandemic?

Dr Julian Ojebo, di Vice President number one of Nigeria National Association of Resident Doctors, tell BBC say, “di hospital fit say dem get all di tins in abundance but di koko of di mata na weda di doctor wey dey treat di patient dey get am?

As I dey tok to you now, di doctors no get N95 mask for di hospital, na only few get am.”

Di N95 mask fit to protect doctors up to 95%, but di best mask for dem to use na di FFP3 mask wey dey give 99.5% protection.

According to Dr Ojebo, doctors for di hospital no get di FFP3 mask “but you go see politicians for TV dey wear dem and no be dem dey treat di patients but na dem dey wia di mask,”

Every two-two hours doctors suppose change dia mask wear new one but Oga Ojebo say dem no get am and di few wey get am dey buy am wit dia moni.

“For di whole of Irrua Specialist Hospital, we no get up to ten ventilators wey dey work well, plus dem also get patients wey no get Covid.”

“E mean say wen Irrua reach point wey dem gatz to ventilate patients, na only ten dem go fit ventilate at a time.Our ventilators dey fail, we dey use anaesthetic machines to ventilate patients and e no suppose be like dat,” na so im tok.

Also, investigate wey BBC do ontop di tori wey some local tori pipo cari say two doctors for Irrua Specialist Hospital catch coronavirus afta dem attend to patients for obstetrics and gynaecology, show say nothing like dat happun.

Dr Ojebo say na fake news.

“Na one doctor na im catch coronavirus unlike di fake news wey bin spread say two doctors for di hospital dey down wit Covid19.”

“Dat information na lie, di informate wey be true be say di doctor say im get history of travel.Im give us informate say im travel, so we no fit to say dis na wia im from catch di Covid from but di only tin we fit tok be say, im true-true travel.

So we no fit say im get di Covid wen im dey inside di hospital and we no fit say im catch am outside di hospital. But we get im history say im travel to Lagos.” Im tok.