Nyanya bomb blast: Victims look back seven years afta deadly incident wey kill 88 pipo

Two of di victims

Two of di victims of di Nyanya bomb blast

Business activities dey boom and pipo dey in high spirit for di Nyanya bus terminal seven years afta bomb blast kill 88 pipo and wunjure 200 hundred odas.

Di park now wear new look but di painful memory of April-14-2014 and di scars still dey visible for di mind of 30 years-old Ashiru Salisu.

Salisu wey be member of di Road union, bin come park early to load passengers wen e hear a bang sound and e feel as if something pass im hand- before e go say jack, im hand cut for ground.

E bin never know say im hand cut as everybody dey try run to save dia lives- na later e realise say e no get hand again and e say di whole incident change im entire life.

Ashiru Salisu


E say di work wey im dey do before to feed im two wives and pikin dem, im no dey fit do am again.

And dat tins wey im dey do wit im hand before, e no dey do am again and dat now, e dey depend on pipo to do am for am.

Sake of say epp no dey, Salisu return back to di park to kontinu im work. E say as e waka di park, di painful memory dey flood back im mind.

‘Sharp object still dey inside my body’

Thomas Adoche Adanu bin dey cari im family go park make dem travel for Easter break wen di blast happun.

Di blast tear im belle open and im intestine pour out.

But for di timely intervention of di rescue team, wey cari am go hospital and doctors and specialists wey operate on am for hours, e for no dey life today.

E dey for hospital for six months and do almost five operations before e start to get better.

E tell BBC Pidgin say, for four months, e no fit eat anything except for drip wey dem di give am.

While oga Thomas dey glad say e dey alive, e say im get mixed feeling as dem look back seven years afta di incident.

E say plenti pipo wit dreams bin perish for di blas t- many of dem blast to pieces and dia hopes for a better life wey be di reason why dem come Abuja-dem no realise am.

Even though Thomas don pick up im life, e say some of di objects from di blast still dey im bodi and dat, each time dem begin rust, belle go start to di pain am and e dey cause am fever.

E say on monthly basis, e gats take drugs wey reach 30 thousand naira and as a family pesin, sometimes tins dey hard

Di victims say dem dey neglected and dat say goment no send dem.