Richard Okorogheye death: Police say dem find di body of di Nigerian student wey miss inside Epping Forest UK

Metropolitan police don formally identify di body wey dem find on Monday as di body of di missing 19-year-old Nigerian student Richard Okorogheye.

For Inside statement, wey di UK police department release on Wednesday, dem tok say:

“On Monday, 5 April, at about 14:01hrs, di Met get informate from colleagues from Essex Police say dem find di body of a man for one lake for Epping Forest.

We don do formal identification and we don confam say di body na dat of 19-year-old Richard Okorogheye.

Richard bin miss from im home for Ladbroke Grove on Monday, 22 March. and dem report am missing on Wednesday, 24 March.

We don inform im next of kin and specialist officers don dey support dem”.

Dem also tok say, dem dey treat Richard death as unexplained and police no believe at dis stage, say any third-party get hand for im death.

MET police say dem carry out forensic post mortem on Wednesday, 7 April and dem neva fit reveal di cause of death as dem still dey investigate but however dem no find any evidence of physical trauma or assault.

“Our deepest sympathies dey wit Richard family at dis incredibly difficult time,” UK Metropolitan Police tok for tweet as dem confam di tragic news on Wednesday.

Wetin happun for di last day dem see Richard?

Madam Joel wey be Richard mama tell tori pipo say on di Monday by 8:30pm, her pikin bin tell am say e dey comot dia Ladbroke Grove home to go see im friend and na di last time she hear from am.

“All e bin tell me na say ‘mummy I dey go see my friend’. I trust am so I no see need to ask any oda questions.”

She tok say she dey fear on top say her son na sickle cell patient and no cari im medicine follow bodi wen im be comot house dat day.

She also tell tori pipo Sky News say, e bin no even cari im jacket or any money.

She tok say prior to im disappearance, Richard bin complain to am say e dey hard for am to do online learning as well as im “shielding” against coronavirus for 12 months. She say e dey only comot from house for im monthly blood transfusion.

She say e bin neva comot di house before except to go collect blood transfusion every month.

Epping Forest

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On Monday, di Met say Essex Police inform dem about di body of one man found dem see for pond

Wetin police reveal reveal about how Richard take miss?

Initial enquiries identify say Richard leave im home and head to di direction of Ladbroke Grove, W10 on 22 March at approximately 20:30hrs.

Dem later see Richard dey enta 23 bus for Ladbroke Grove, dey go southbound at 20:44hrs.

Further enquires wey police establish say Richard take one taxi journey from west London to a residential street for Loughton, Essex.

Dem see am for CCTV dey waka alone on Smarts Lane, Loughton, towards di area of Nursery Road and Epping Forest at 00:39hrs on Tuesday, 23 March.

Dat na di last confirmed time dem see Richard before dem later find im body for inside one pond for Epping Forest,